Monday, August 6, 2007

Movin' to Texas

It is done... Mom and Dad are officially residents of Texas. Papers are signed, and Greta and Woody are enjoying their new, greener surroundings.
Tod and Jared went to Las Cruces to help pack and load, and then drive the ridiculous caravan across the state. Lots of hard work, and sweat, and stress later, there is a beautiful new home in Bastrop that we call "Grammy's forest".
After spending a few days with Catherine and the boys in Round Rock, the kids and I went to see the new house, and retrieve our exhausted Tod. We were so happy to see their new ward taking such good care of them, and working so tirelessly to unload the trucks. We cant wait till our next trip out there so we can really enjoy the new house and see it without all the boxes. Congratulations Mom & Dad!