Saturday, January 3, 2009

The downhill slope

I feel well again. It took a cold to kill the flu and I finally have most of my voice back (still can't sing- tragedy, I know!). It has been such a whirlwind for us this past month, as I'm sure it has for everyone. I feel bad that I look forward to January- taking down Christmas, coming back from travelling and the complete lack of to-do's, but it is such a relief!
It is also a time for reflection. I think back on what this year has brought us, both in good times and in bad, and i am continually amazed at how blessed we are. It is especially apparent at this time when our economy is suffering. I know that lower gas prices are a relief for everyone, but they come at a cost for those of us in the business. People are struggling, but I still feel peaceful and optimistic. My little bubble is intact.
Thank you to everyone who tolerates me on a regular basis! We have wonderful friends and family.
Christmas was wonderful. It was quiet and happy. We enjoyed our newly enhanced family room. The kids were and still are well and healthy ( a Christmas first).
Everyone is doing well in school, getting smarter and more attitude everyday. They make me laugh and keep me young. Aaron is looking forward to getting the Priesthood this year and Emma will be baptized. All of the kids are out of nursery and settled in primary- another milestone!
Dad will be 70 this year. I am so grateful that he survived his family expectation of 55! I look forward to spending many more years with him.
A 13th year of marriage! It still seems like yesterday! How lucky I am to have my best friend always by my side. We will join with two of Tod's brothers this coming year as they start their own marriages and hope they are half as happy as I am.
Anna will start school, leaving Leah home for one last year. Then where will I be? I shudder to think.
I hope that all who read this can count themselves as blessed as I do. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.