Saturday, March 29, 2008

Play Ball!

Today marks the opening of the Little League season. We enjoyed misty, cold weather for opening ceremonies this morning. After we did our duty by buying bake sale brownies and cupcakes, we beat a hasty retreat to the warmth of home. I promised to post their game schedules, and I will try to update with wins and losses too...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in Bastrop

We just got back from a great trip to Bastrop. We got there late Wednesday night and woke up to beautiful weather! The kids spent the entre day outside- digging in the dirtpile, flying down the zip-line, and playing in the water. We relaxed in the hammocks and took peaceful walks in the trees.
We took a trip to Buda to go to Cabela's. They had several different exhibits of taxidermy from all over the world. There was everything from birds to an elephant, lions, a polar bear, alligator, just to name a few. There was even a large aquarium full of local fish. It was a fun shopping trip- we didn't even buy anything!
We had a massive easter egg hunt with Catherine's kids. It took four adults just to hide all the eggs! The grand prize was a golden egg with a ten dollar bill in it which Aaron found of course.
Mom took Tod and I to their favorite eatery- a burger place that makes giant burgers. It was a good and bad experience. We placed our order and waited, and waited, and waited. People at other tables left because of the wait. Apparently they were very short-handed that night. Our order was delivered to the wrong table, and we never knew- I guess they were too hungry to complain! The waitress realized the mistake and after over an hour, we got out delicious burgers. They were fantastic, and the manager sweetened the deal by cutting our bill in half! Well worth the wait. It is a well known joke in our family that if you take me to dinner, something about the meal will be messed up- we've eaten at a discount many times!
Easter morning brought baskets of goodies and happy, sugar coated children for church.
Church in Bastrop...
Okay, picture this. There are all these nice people, eager to meet mom and dad's family. Most wards look at us like our hair is on fire when we visit- these small town wards need families with 5 kids so badly they nearly drool! Out of the corner of my eye, I see a lady with a hat. To call it a hat is to call the Titanic a boat- this was a HAT! A large woven garden hat with a full size Easter basket attatched to the top- complete with eggs and little pastel colored critters. Around the brim of the hat was a complete springtime scene; grass, eggs and little chicks and bunnies. Hanging at regular intervals around the brim were plastic eggs, suspended by fishing line, bobbing in the breeze. I am seriously considering re-creating this hat for next year! It was the perfect ending to the trip, I love a good comedy! The drive home was as to be expected- long and full of whining, mostly by myself.
Now all I have to look forward to is a massive pile of clay-stained laundry and an empty gas tank. Can't wait to go back!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our babies

This week has been a blur of fever and snot. The flu is a delightful period in a mother's life. Last night as Tod and I were regrouping after a long day, we were discussing the people we knew who were currently expecting babies. It is an odd thing for me to be the observer in this area instead of an active participant. I asked Tod if he was sure we were done, and he said our #4 would be birth control enough for anyone- we could lend her out!
It is such a double edged sword to be faced with the limit of your family. On one hand, I am really enjoying the fact that I can put my kids to bed at night, and they go. There is no rocking, or pacing, and I usually get a full night's sleep. They can all communicate their needs, happiness, and desires. They are all to the point where they are somewhat self-entertaining.
Then I think of our friends who will be reliving an amazing experience. That unbearable pain, followed by sudden relief and overwhelming joy. It is instant love- they look enough like you that they are instantly yours, and enough like your husband that you fall in love with them. Looking into eyes that still have a little glimmer of Heavenly memory, overcome by the knowledge that you are everything your precious baby needs, and they love you for it. There's no back-talk, no rolling of the eyes, no stomping up the stairs. They just wrap their tiny hands lovingly around your finger, and drift off into a satisfied sleep. There's no other time in motherhood that can be compared to it.
I am thankful five times over to have been able to stare into the perfect face of a new and unknown personality, anxious to find out what their future holds.
And now that's where we sit- finding out every day what the future holds. Today it may be watching Josh hit a double, or Aaron pitching his first game, Emma skipping through the house with her latest masterpiece, Anna telling one of her famous stories, or Leah shakin' it to the radio when she thinks no one's watching- we glory in our babies all over again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, we are officially in the throws of baseball season (no pun intended!). The boys are excited to have their new teams. Aaron will be on the Rangers and Josh will be a Mariner. Aaron is thrilled, but Josh thinks he got stuck with a wimpy team name. What is intimidating about someone who sails around and catches fish? (Sorry John!) Practice has begun, and opening day is the last Saturday in March. I will post the boy's schedule so that anyone who has the desire can join us for the games.

Things have been pretty calm here otherwise. We went to a minor league hockey game last week- it was pretty fun. The only one who didn't have a great time was Anna. As usual it was taking "forever" and the people behind us thought her tirade was hilarious. Sometimes even as an adult I feel like sticking my tongue out at people! Emma thought it was funny when the grown men were slammed into the wall, and after each goal people threw carrots onto the ice (our team is the Jackalopes).

We are planning a little trip to Bastrop for Spring Break the middle of this month. Dad has turned "Grammy's Forest" into an amusement park- the main attraction is the zip-line. The boys are dying to get back on it, and think it would be fun to send Woody down as well. Sorry boys. Good thing we have insurance.

The big news of today at our house is of course, the much dreaded retirement of Brett Farve from the Packers. His name is spoken with as much familiarity as any member of our family in this house, and at least one of us is greiving heartily today. Subconsiously I feel like I know them personally- I even dreamed once that we went to visit them, and he made Tod drink beer. It was one of those mornings when you wake up and stick your elbow in your husband's ribs. But after having the crap beat out of him for 17 years, he deserves a rest. Good luck, and we'll see you at the Hall of Fame!