Monday, April 21, 2008

The in-justice system

I know that most everyone has heard about my friend Tina. She was a sweet, spunky, southern girl. She was a great story teller, an amazing mother to her 5 kids and an awesome friend. I could always count on her for a laugh or a bit of good advice during a hard time. Then one day out of no where, I got the phone call- she was dead- murdered by her own husband.
It was a shock . Not only did we grieve for the loss of Tina, but the friendship of her husband, and the pain her children were going through. As details came out we discovered the painful secrets that had tortured her family for years. This was December, 2006. His trial was supposed to begin today. We learned Friday that the DA in Nacogdoches ( who was defeated in her bid for re-election) had reached a plea agreement with his attorney without consulting the family. He would admit to killing Tina and get a 35 year sentence- to only serve 15. The charges of child molestation and abandonment would be dropped entirely. He would be a free man and not be required to register as a sex-offender. When he gets out of prison he can re-marry and commit the same disgusting acts all over again. I just feel so angry for her children. They are like their mother- strong willed, smart and responsible. They had their bags packed and were looking forward to confronting the man who stole their innocence and their beloved mother. They will never get that chance. Their dreams are haunted by the possibility that he will destroy the little peace they have recovered in the last 16 months. Her parents are asking everyone who feels cheated by this lazy DA to read the story and leave their comments on the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel website at There is something wrong with a person who seeks 99 years for a cat killer, and is content to send a molester/abuser/killer away for 15. Makes me sick!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

stepping out of the shadow

For as long as the boys have been in sports, Josh had graciously taken a place behind Aaron. Content to let Aaron have all the glory, he was satisfied with the treats and social experience. He enjoys dressing up and having a team to belong to. Aaron had Josh convinced that his talents were elsewhere, yet to be discovered. Josh believes everything Aaron tells him. Tonight, Josh sent a message to his doubters...he may act like he doesn't care, but he was harboring skills! Josh hit his first home-run. It was an in-the-park, 2 RBI homer to the fence. Even Aaron can't boast this achievement. Girls like guys with great skills ;) Way to go Joshy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gapes and Sushine

You forget how happy and smoothly life is flowing until you have one of "those" days. You know the kind I'm talking about. At every turn, instead of things happening as you expect them to, everything seems to go south. It feels like there is a weight actually pulling you down- a palpable force. Today has been one of those days. Didn't sleep well, woke up late, kids whiny before school. Josh slammed his glasses in the car door, why weren't they on his face? Good question. The wind is howling; blew away my deposit slip at the bank. Had to go to Wal-mart, they didn't have half the things I went for, and a lady tried to run over us in the parking lot. Anna is sick and grumpy...again. Leah ate an entire tube of lip gloss (grape jell-o flavor). We ran out of diapers, the list goes on and on.
Then when you least expect it comes the highlight of the day. Leah has been asking for something since we went to Wal-mart this morning and I couldn't figure out what it was. "Gapes (grapes) and Sushine (sunshine)." What? She has been so frustrated with me. Then just a little bit ago I saw a commercial for Sun-Maid Raisins. Their new slogan is "Just Grapes and Sunshine". I ran to the pantry and pulled out a box of raisins to show Leah. She saw them and started clapping.
"Yeah mommy! You found it! You so Boo-full (beautiful), mommy!".
So even though this morning I was sad and ugly, this afternoon I am beautiful, all because of a package of raisins. Who knew?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Joinin' the ranks

Today Josh has joined the ranks of the vision-impaired everywhere. His dad and brother are no longer the only ones that have to deal with the irritation of fumbling for glasses during all waking hours. He had been complaining of headaches and seeing double, but now he's a new man. I can hardly sympathize. Glasses? What must that be like!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Tonight Aaron was named "Dr. Pepper Player of the Game" and was given the game ball. He was playing 3rd base and fielded a ground ball with a quick throw to 1st base for the out. It was an awesome play and coupled with his 2 RBI's, he is a proud boy tonight...way to go Aaron!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I said no!

I need the biggest "No Soliciting" sign I can find. If I have to paint it on the garage door, so be it. I just had the latest, obnoxious encounter with a door-to-door salesman. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not social. I'm not apt to like people in general.
If you were going to sell a product, would you take a tatooed, pierced pair of freaks to do the job? This bunch works in pairs. As soon as I opened the door, I told them that I had seen it before and wasn't interested. As I started to close the door, the grungiest of the two slaps his filthy rag on the door and begins to clean- all the while babbling about all the harsh chemicals that I'm killing my little kids with, how his sister was a mother at 13, etc. I wish I could remember exactly what he said. Even after I told him no over and over again, he kept running from spot to spot trying to convince me that he could remove any stain. All the while the kids are escaping from the open front door. He went to the car and tried to open the door, but we keep it locked. He asked me if I had the keys...well duh! I told him yes but I didn't have any stains in there (lie). He asked if we had stubborn laundry stains. Nope (lie). He asked if we ever get mold in the house. Nope. I was not about to let him in. Freak 2 just stayed in the background. Every other sentence like clockwork he asked if I was going to get one bottle or two. None...I don't need your cleaner! I have gallons of cleaner! I don't even like to clean! Finally after I was fed up with him asking me "Doesn't that look great?!" I responded, "Sure, but I just don't care."
"You don't want to have this oxidation off of your head lights so you can see better?"
"Nope, don't care."
"What about this stain in the driveway?"
"Not even a little."
"What about fingerprints on the car window?"
He glared at me for just a moment before saying one more time "Can I get you one bottle or two?"
"You mean ten gallons of milk or twenty...$40 for cleaner? I already said no. I have everything I need for cleaning."
He took back the brochure that was on the ground because I refused to take it in the first place. And told me thanks for're very welcome.
If he would have taken no for an answer in the beginning, we would both have 10 minutes of our lives back. Normally I am really polite, even to salesmen, but when he refused to listen, he asked for it.
I said no!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Josh's major award

It's no leg lamp, but Josh had his first taste of contest success. He recently entered an essay contest through HEB about health and nutrition. That alone is comedy (he is a walking garbage disposal!), but he got 2nd place for his school and a $10 gift certificate for HEB. He was so proud, and was dying to get to HEB to spend his well earned prize.
We went to the store together, and all the way there I got pointers on essay writing from Josh.
"To write a winning essay," he began "you have to have big ideas. Big ideas and big words and a big imagination. Some people think that you just have to be smart, but that's not enough- you have to have a big imagination. They also really like it when you use words like nutritional and vitamins and minerals. That's how you write a winning essay. They liked it so much I told them they could keep it. They might want to read it again."
We got to the store (for anyone that lives outside of Texas, its a grocery store chain) Josh was immediately drawn to the discounted Easter candy. He bought a bag of Blow-Pops, a five pack of Tic-Tacs and a Transformer. After we got home he dove into the sugar. Tod leaned over and said "Don't you think it's ironic that he won an award for a nutrition essay and he spent it on candy?"
But that's Josh- and parenthood for that matter...sweet irony!