Sunday, June 21, 2009

Parties, Weddings and houseguests, oh my!

If there has ever been a more jammed packed time in my life I don't know what it was. Tod's mom and her husband Ger got here on the 10th and stayed through the 12th. The treated the kids to almost entire days of swimming, UP! 3-D, and kids meals. They took us to dinner at Abuelo's and the Glenn Beck Common Sense tour at the theater. All in a matter of two days!

My responsibility was to get ready to deliver the wedding cake for Saturday, and I spent an entire day doing just that. I had forgotten in the last four years since we have been here how stressful it is to make a wedding cake, and I may never agree to it again!

Friday night, after spending all day baking and frosting, we went to Hobbs to have a family barbecue before the wedding. Lots of Tod's family was there and it was fun to sit and talk to people we normally only see up there. Saturday morning we drove back to Hobbs a second time, set up the cake and went to the wedding. After the wedding we went to the reception. The kids had a blast getting punch from a fountain, and I got to cut the cake- They gave me an apron that matches the tablecloth above as a gift...cute huh?

We got home after midnight Sunday night with Tod's brother Greg in tow, and Sunday morning Tod's dad, his wife Ellen , Tod's brother Jay and Jay's fiance Kris (whom I love!) made it over. Greg, Jay and Kris left later that day for home with a belly full of Gumbo (their first time).

Dad and Ellen stayed till Wednesday. They got to help us celebrate Leah's 4th birthday and help her shop for birthday dresses. Leah hates shorts and would wear a dress every day of the week if we let her. Ellen and I went to Kohls three times. She kept saying we were looking for Clarence. It actually took me a while to figure out that they were poking fun at me. Apparently I pronounce 'Clearance', 'Clarence'. Oh well, we definitely found him!

We had our nightly games of Euchre, and our daily games of Dirty Clubs. We never get enough card playing, and playing cards always means lots of tasty, off-limits food.

Thursday night I taught a three month food storage class at Enrichment that I had been studying and planning for since 3 weeks ago. I have learned so much about planning, gathering, preserving, storing, and thrifty shopping that my head is swimming.

Last night I flipped open my YW lesson manual (yes, I know I procrastinated) to figure out what I would be teaching today. It never ceases to amaze me how much the lessons and their subject matter were timed for me. I cried when I saw that it was about forgiveness, it seems like a cruel joke. No one knows what you suffer or endure. No one knows when your heart is breaking, except the Lord. It is amazing to me that he can communicate his love and support for us in the simplest of ways. I am so thankful to have these opportunities to learn and grow, and have a deeper perspective because of my membership in the church.

And so, life is somewhat back to normal. Father's day was quiet and I hope we can have a little break before the insanity begins again.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Look closely...

Right upper lip, fat lip and right chin...( sorry about the up-the-nose shot ;))

Leah is her mother's daughter- nearly everything around her represents a major hazard. Can you guess how she had her latest odd encounter today? Notice the distinctive pattern .